Shortcut | Small Stories, Big Issues


Shortcut is a European Film Project centred on Citizenship Education through film to be delivered in the classroom. The four partner countries involved have a combined wealth of experience in working with young people and film education. Our aim is to increase young viewers’ knowledge of issues through European film works from different, sometimes distant countries and strengthen teachers’ skills in educating through and about film.


‘Shortcut – Small Stories, Big Issues’ is a film education project focused on European short films. The project was developed by four European organisations from Poland, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic and Portugal with the support of the European Union Creative Europe Media Programme.

The films have been selected thematically to strengthen the competences today’s youth are faced with in their modern world. The library of curated European short films and animations explore citizenship and personal development themes. The support material for teachers can be found once you registered. You will access a film educational toolkit which includes access to a short film, lesson plans and worksheets.

The activities are financed by the European Union program, "Creative Europe MEDIA", and from the funds received from NIW-CRSO under the Civic Organization Development Program for the years 2018-2030 PROO.


This project is implemented by four European organizations with the support of the European Union program, "Creative Europe MEDIA".

Themes & Topics

Shortcut offer a catalog of European short films on the vod platform available to all registered educational institutions and studnets. The films have been selected to combine film education with an engaging thematic framework on topics addressing the problems and dilemmas that young people face on an everyday basis in modern Europe.