Girl of 672K

The Girl of 672k is a coming of age documentary film about the imaginative 15-year-old Annegien from Utrecht, the Netherlands, whose creative talents draw ample attention in the virtual landscape of YouTube and Instagram. Her personal and artistic photographs on her Instagram account Fetching_tigerss reach over 672,000 followers, something most Youtubers can only dream of. Annegien’s pictures are viewed and discussed by people the world over. Mediakraft, an online TV channel, has caught wind of Annegien’s talents and would love to work with her. How will her success influence her and her pictures, and what does she aspire to?
Directed by Mirjam Marks, 2016.

A recorded interview with Director of Girl of 672K Mirjam Marks and the subject of the film Instagram star Annegien Schilling is available in the Masterclasses page of this website. This Q&A webinar was recorded in Oct 2020 as part of our Shortcut Teachers Conference. The conversation has been split into 4 bit size masterclasses for your classroom. They discusses in detail each stage of the Girl of 672k film production aswell as the issues and experiences of Annegien Schilling with her social media success.

Lesson Plans

A short film review of "Girl Of 672K"

Lesson Plan One KS3 (Nerve)

In this lesson students will develop their awareness of the impact that social media and online image can have on mental health. The lesson looks at how The Girl of 672K has coped with her large media presence and the pressures that come with it.

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Lesson Plan Two KS3 (Poland)

The lessons aims to draw attention to the various aspects of communication using modern technologies, especially smartphone and apps.

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Lesson plan (Portugal OFDL) MIA Material

Available January 2021

Work Sheets

Worksheet One KS3 (Nerve)

This worksheet asks pupils to examine and discuss The Girl of 672K and her experience growing up with a large following on social media. They will compare and discuss their own experiences with social media platforms.

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Worksheet Two KS3 (Poland)

The student will develop their knowledge and understanding of film analysis by examining the concepts of composition and the camera frame.

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Girl of 672K Q&A

Girl of 672K Q&A provides research material on the film and its subject matter.

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An Introduction to Film Language

Additional support material: An Introduction to Film Language using the 3C's & 3S's, Camera Shots and Angles.

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Additional Material

Links to further CLC NI Online Creative Media Resources and Tutorials

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