Abu Adnan/Adnan's Father

Adnan's Father tells the story of Sayid, a refugee doctor from Syria, he has just received a Danish residence permit, and is about to embark on establishing a new life in rural Denmark together with his son Adnan. At the same time as having to learn a new language, he faces the challenge of maintaining his boy’s respect, in a situation where Adnan’s adaptation seems to be going somewhat faster than his own. This film was an Oscar nominated short in 2019 and winner at Indy Shorts, Heartland, IN, USA, Nordic international film festival, NYC, USA. and nominated for best Danish short in 2018. The film has been screened at over 40 festivals around the world.
Directed by Sylvia Le Fanu.

A recorded interview with director Sylvia Le Fanu, is available in the Masterclasses section of this website. This Q&A webinar was recorded in Oct 2020 as part of our Shortcut Teachers Conference. The conversation has been split into 4 bit size masterclasses for your classroom. Sylvia discusses in detail each stage of Abu Adnan/Adnan's Father's film production. Sylvia has kindly shared her script, shot list and visual mood boards for her short film. These can be found in the worksheet section of this website.

Lesson Plans

A short film review of Adnan's Father/Abu Adnan"

Lesson Plan One KS3 (Nerve)

The lesson plan will develop students understanding of the journeys refugees are forced to make and the struggles they face when navigating new lives in new countries.

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Lesson Plan Two KS3 (Poland)

Students in class will analyse and interpret the film Adnan’s Father with regard to different protagonists’ perspectives on the problem resulting from their values, experiences, needs and film perspective.

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Lesson Plan Three KS3 (Czech)

The lesson aims to build a positive attitudes towards others and not to be indifferent to a person in a difficult situation.

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Lesson plan (Portugal OFDL) MIA Material

Available January 2021

Work Sheets

Worksheet One KS3 (Nerve)

The worksheet will support the film analysis of Adnan's Father. The students will explore and identify key moments in the story with focusing on how the character's actions and emotions have been conveyed to the audience.

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Worksheet Two KS3 (Poland)

The students will learn to analyse the characters and to interpret their behaviours from the point of view of their own life experiences and life situations which they find themselves.

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Worksheet Three KS3 (Czech)

The Feelings Worksheet to support Lesson Plan Three.

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Adnan's Father Q&A (Czech)

Adnan's Father Q&A provides research material on the film and its subject matter.

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Visual Mood Boards for Adnan's Father 1

Casting Inspiration
Courtesy of Sylvia LeFanu

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Visual Mood Boards for Adnan's Father 2

Location Inspiration
Courtesy of Sylvia LeFanu

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Visual Mood Boards for Adnan's Father 3

Visual Inspiration
Courtesy of Sylvia LeFanu

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An Introduction to Film Language

Additional support material: An Introduction to Film Language using the 3C's & 3S's, Camera Shots and Angles.

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Additional Material

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